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Scale your remote engineering team


Index helps you hire remote developers, with strong technical and communication skills.

Milan K.
Software Engineer | Lead Data Scientist
7 years of experience
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With dedicated account managers and seamless communication, our developers seamlessly integrate into your workflows. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, they deliver innovative solutions and adapt to evolving project needs.
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Experience the power of intelligent, innovative software development services that integrate high-performing developers, product managers, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.
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Hire a full-time remote developer
through Index in 4 easy steps
Tell us your requirements
Let us know what kind of developers you're looking for, and our tech account manager will start looking for the right fit for you.
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We'll send you a shortlist of rigorously pre-vetted 3-4 developers, ready to start. You can review their profiles and choose who to interview.
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Interview your ideal candidates and decide who you want to hire. Start your engagement with a 3 months trial for any developer hired.
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Integrate your new team member effectively. Let us handle all legal paperwork, global payroll, and compliance.
Why choose Index?
Top 5%
High-performing talents expertly-vetted software engineers
60+ h
Saved time of engineering per hire
Retention engagement success rate
24 h
Quick selection of suitable candidates for a project or team
7 days
One week from search to hire
5x faster
We work for productivity to save you time
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Our clients were requested to share their experience of hiring Index talent for their crucial business initiatives.
Anatoliy L.
50 or fewer emp.
Excellent company to co-operate with. I've got only positive emotions to work closely with Index company which helped me to find a new project with excellent engineering team. It allowed me to find new horizons as a developer and work harder with a stack of apps which are trending at this moment.
Alexandra F.
50 or fewer emp.
We have been collaborating with Index for several years as partners and it has been an amazing experience. The communication is always transparent and efficient, the team knows the market and the best strategies to drive growth and is always ready to try something new to achieve even greater results. Index uses a data-driven approach in everything they do, so each decision or next step is always based on numbers to make sure the client accomplishes the best results. A pleasure to work together!
Bart S.
Freelance Developer
I've been working with Index for a little over a year as a backend/Python developer. The experience has been very positive in every way. There has never been any issue when it comes to communication, finances, or anything other part of the remote working experience. Index has been very helpful in not only supporting me during my active contracts, but also were able to find new opportunities for me very quickly after finishing my first project.
Felipe F.
iOS Developer
They are not only recruiting devs, they keep a close communication channel and careful listen to you and providing feedback so not only the client is happy but also you.
Shperblim S.
Software Engineer
One of the best things about Index is straightforward, open communication. From day one, you start a professional and friendly relationship, and you can talk and discuss whatever topic you need to feel good and improve the collaboration process. They care a lot about their employees, so regular checkup with their contractors is essential, and they are perfect on that point. Thanks to Natalia Munteanu, a very caring professional and communicative person who makes me feel comfortable when I address things during our collaboration.
Svetlana G.
Head of Recruiting
Index is our secret weapon for hiring experienced software developers and delivering scalable AI-powered solutions for our clients.
Bruno Scaramuzzino
Software Engineer
Working with Kate was great! Super organized! At every call with the client, i was super informed about everything, so zero stress! :)
Aryk Grosz
Mid-Market (51 - 1000 empl.)
Great work. Solid, reliable work, on time. The price was high but not unreasonable. Index goes above and beyond to provide world-class developers.

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Frequently asked questions

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Index is a tech recruitment platform for hiring high-performing tech talent remotely. The platform helps tech companies, large and small, scale their engineering teams with expertly-vetted software engineers from all over the world, making sourcing, assessing and recruiting simple, effective, and unbiased for both companies and candidates.

Pre-vetted, highly-qualified tech talent from Europe and Latin America
A diverse pipeline of more than 10,000 engineers
60+ hours of engineering time saved per hire
Lower development costs by 40%
95% retention success rate

Tech companies can hire pre-vetted, high-performing remote software talent in over 100+ tech skills, and the recruitment process typically takes a few days. Clients choose Index for our longevity in the market and for our services:

1. Sourcing experienced AI engineers
2. Creating remote team on demand
3. Providing project-base development

We have been in the industry for a significant period of time and have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy partner for clients and developers alike.

Moreover, we prioritize long-term assignments for our developers and take significant measures to ensure their satisfaction. Unlike platforms such as Upwork and Toptal, or even traditional agencies, we offer dedicated Account Managers who provide continuous support to our tech talent. By leveraging AI and Big Data tools, we streamline the sourcing, screening, interviewing, and matching processes, making it more efficient, transparent, and effective.

Index offers long-term assignments with an established framework of collaboration focused on a high level of tech talent retention. Developers choose to join Index platform for the certainty, job security and steady income it offers.

Index is a talent platform for (meticulously) vetted software engineers, mostly sourcing and recruiting its talent in Serbia, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia.

We pride ourselves on being a client-focused tech recruitment platform that delivers high-quality results. At Index, we never charge any fees to our clients, and we strive to work as efficiently as possible to deliver exceptional results in a timely manner. With a vast and diverse database of talented developers, we are confident that we can find the perfect fit for any project. We are also dedicated to being actively involved in the engagement process and take full responsibility for ensuring our developers are satisfied and retained for long-term success.

At Index, we prioritize the quality and reliability of our tech talent. We conduct rigorous vetting processes to ensure that companies have access to highly skilled software engineers who possess not only exceptional technical expertise but also strong ethical values and international experience. When you work with our software engineers, you can rest assured that they are fully committed to your project.

We carefully assess their skills and ensure that their time is effectively managed, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to your project. Additionally, we handle all aspects related to their payments, compliance, and integration, streamlining the process for you.

By partnering with Index, you can say goodbye to scammers and unreliable freelancers. We take pride in providing a trustworthy platform that eliminates the risks associated with working with unscrupulous individuals. Our focus is on connecting you with responsible and dedicated software engineers who are committed to your project's success.

Additionally, Index is known for establishing loyal, long-term partnerships with its clients, leading to a: 

97% of successful assignments and trials passed
95% tech talent retention rate
90% matches with the platform's first suggested candidate

Most of Index's clients come from various industries, including SaaS, eCommerce, gaming, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, healthcare, media, gaming, and entertainment, and more.

Unicorns, enterprises and promising start-ups like OmioPerforce Software, SimpliField, MATSUKOVenly, and Glopal use Index mainly for 3 reasons: Speed, Retention & Finding high-performing talent in rare & difficult-to-recruit tech stacks.

They have partnered with Index for various purposes to hire accomplished developers, reduce time-to-hire, optimize headcount costs, and save up to 40% on product development.

At Index, we utilize various filtering layers to curate an exclusive selection of high-performing profiles for our clients. This ensures that the tech talent we assign to your project possesses the following qualifications:

• 3-4 years of experience in a particular tech stack and 6+ years overall
• Extensive experience in specific technology
• Expertise in the client's industry
• Professional assessments, tests, and certifications
• An upper-intermediate level of English
• Excellent soft skills, understands value, and fits culture 
• Background in remote work and international projects 
• Proactivity, ability to take the lead and initiative

Our engineers typically work 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, and become part of your team, dedicating their time solely to your project. Short-term engagements or project-based work can also be discussed with your Account Executive.

As a company, we prioritize a long-term, high-retention engagement with our tech talent. You will always have a dedicated account management team available to assist you in any way.

Get matched with high-performing tech-talent